Luke Melia


September 14, 2004

Wedding Pics

Our hired photographer’s pictures are not yet ready, but thanks to the wonders of digital cameras and their thoughtful owners, we already have a growing collection of photos from the weekend.

The photo gallery here on my site now has albums organized by event and shutterbug under Wedding. Also, Anthony took a lot of great pictures and has cataloged them over at slapnose. Look for the last albums for August 2004 on this page.

If you’ve got pics you’d like to contribute, send them along and I’ll add them to the gallery. You can burn a CD and mail it, or email me and we’ll figure out how to transfer them over the net. Also, if you need help locating a high-res version of a photo for a print or something, let me know.

Tangentially, I had a really cool iPhoto experience the other day. You can try it if you use iPhoto on a reasonably powerful Mac and have a big photo collection. Select you entire library and sort by date. Increase the thumbnail size the maximum. Then scroll through the photos from oldest to newest by holding down your mouse on the scroll arrow. The images come quite fast, but slow enough that your brain can register them and it’s quite a voyage. I have digital photos dating back to 1999 and doing this was something like a five-year recap. Your life flashing before your eyes. Literally.

Anyway, enjoy the wedding pics!

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