Luke Melia


July 15, 2004

Dumb quotes, smart quotes


Rick Santorum: “I would argue that the future of our country hangs in the balance because the future of marriage hangs in the balance. Isn’t that the ultimate homeland security, standing up and defending marriage?” [via Electablog]

Jeff Sessions: “We need to send a message to the courts that we control the culture of this country.” [also via Electablog]


Christopher Dodd : ‘‘The issue is not ripe. It is not needed. It’s a waste of our time. We should be dealing with other issues.” [via Salon]

Justice Peter McIntyre: Marriage should be defined as “the voluntary union for life of two persons, to the exclusion of all others.” His order applies to the state of the Yukon, in Canada. [via CBC]

For more information about the utterers of the dumb quotes, Hugh Macleod’s cartoon is a apt one.

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