Luke Melia


May 7, 2004

Rape Rooms and Torture Chambers

This story gets worse and worse. Slate has a sobering chronology.

From the wording of the Taguba report, it seems likely that the same policies and procedures that allowed the Abu Ghraib atrocities to occur were/are in place at Guantanamo Bay. But we don’t know anything about what’s happened in Guantanamo because of the extra-legal secrecy the government has conferred to it.

If there is an honorable response to Abu Ghraib, it would be an apology, and conferring complete transparency to our treatment of prisoners worldwide, allowing independent verification of humane conditions by trusted third-parties like Amnesty International.

I thought in 2000, after the disputed election, “How much harm could Bush possibly do in four years?” Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine American rape rooms and torture chambers.

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  1. mike melia chimed in:

    It’s Worse than we think or know

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