Luke Melia


April 27, 2004

Procmail at Pair

My latest project is moving my email handling to use IMAP and setting up procmail to filter messages into appropriate folders before delivery. After a bunch of googling, I happened across a web page that does a good job explaining procmail and qmail as used at

One Response to “Procmail at Pair”

  1. dylan chimed in:

    i was just reading moby’s latest update. *sigh*. ok so this sinclair broadcast group apparently supports bush. from that i can deduce that they support the war effor. people who support the war effort always say “support our troops. i have no problem supporting our troops and the hundreds of thousands of lives at stake over there. but how is reading the names of the people that have died doing anything but supporting our troops. perhaps i should have left this note on moby’s site :)

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