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April 26, 2004

Women’s Rights

We went to the huge march on the nation’s capital today. Jeanhee has a brief writeup. I have a few pictures.

Anthony has a blood-boiling quote from the enemy of choice.

And pretty much every decent newspaper already has coverage with more details on what the speakers had to say than I could hear in the crowd.

And if you’re still thinking of voting for Bush in November, don’t forget that it is a plank of national Republican party’s platform to pass a constitutional amendment making abortion illegal.

3 Responses to “Women’s Rights”

  1. isa chimed in:

    I find it ironic that so many of your pics have, what is it, the lincoln memorial? in them, since its a phallic structure.
    anyway, thanks for stickin up for womens rights, lukie, i wish i could have gone, but alas i could not. mwa.

  2. monica chimed in:

    Talked about abortion today in English. Macrae displayed his view clearly, while “staying impartial….I’m not suppose to disclose my opinion.” (he said)
    I would have liked to go too. My friend’s sister was there. She told me about the 2-4-6-8 WE’RE THE ONES WHO OVULATE cheer. heh. Hope it was a blast. Ciao.

  3. Jess chimed in:

    Just to be the third sister to chime in…my personal favorite cheer was “you can keep your rosaries, hands off my ovaries.” i wish i could’ve marched with my sisters, my mother, my grandmother but especially my great grandmother, the suffragette, who gave of her life so much to win women the right to vote and now we have to use that victory to kick this guy out of our office and maintain our 1973 victory.

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