Luke Melia


April 13, 2004


My cousin Tim is in Iraq.

I’ve spent considerable energy demonstrating my opposition to this war. Starting from before the beginning (“The World Says No to War”) and most recently marching here in New York City a few weeks ago. (“The World Still Says No To War”).

Tim joined the Marines out of high school. He arrived in Iraq a few weeks ago, just before my most recent march.

It’s given the war a more personal edge for me. I hate it more and I want it to go well more and I want everyone to come home healthy, especially Tim.

On the news tonight, they had a National Guard unit from Brooklyn preparing to ship out. One guy was a plumber. Another a carpenter. A woman worked as a waitress as Applebee’s. All somebody’s cousin, too.

What are all of our cousins fighting for again? WMD? Against terrorism? To create a model of a peaceful democracy in the heart of the middle east?

I just don’t buy it. There are precious few necessary wars, and this ain’t one of them. I won’t mention my feelings to Tim, of course. It’s probably tough enough as it is keeping your morale up. Maybe after he’s back, we can have a good chat about it.

Tim reports that the conditions for the solidiers are pretty good, all things considered. He’s comfortable and is really, really busy.

I take some solace in the fact that a good number of Americans and Iraqis will have the unmistakably positive experience of meeting a Melia.

2 Responses to “Iraq”

  1. mike melia chimed in:

    C’mon All you big strong men
    Uncle Sam needs your help again
    He got himself in a terrible jam
    Way down yonder in Viet Nam
    Question: Where are the Rock n Rollers Singing against the War . . . It’s time to raise our voices
    I heard today (on NPR) that approx. 50% of the Iraq-ians are “humiliated” by the American presence.

  2. Monica chimed in:

    Though I am not related to Tim, I actually think about him when the topic of Iraq comes up. Hopefully he can do some good there. And you are right, I have met many Melias. Most instances have been enjoyable. =)

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