Luke Melia


April 13, 2004


In another blogosphere-inspired change, I’ve tucked NetNewsWire away and am now using Bloglines, a web-based centralized aggregator.

It’s major benefit is solving my main problem with NNW, which was that I couldn’t easily access my subscriptions and read/unread status from work. I had gerry-rigged solution involving a perl script to scp some files back and forth, but all-in-all it was rather inconvenient.

It’s also got interesting future possibilities as an aggregator of many people’s subscription lists. It’s already beginning to exploit some of them, like a recommendation engine to suggest blogs that people like you may like. I’d be into a solution ties a social-networking framework into your friend’s subscriptions and a search engine, so I can limit search results to the sites that my circle subscribes to.

Anyhow, it’s not perfect, but overall I like it. The stateless nature of HTTP makes a news aggregator an imperfect match for a web app, IMHO. It would be cool if they exposed the data as a web service, so that others could write desktop clients for it.

Feel free to check out my subscriptions. Am I missing your favorite feed? Let me know.

3 Responses to “Bloglines”

  1. anthony chimed in:

    Rather than list off my entire “Daily Reads” category, I’ll point you to my OPML at

    I should probably rename it “Hourly Reads,” or “Every 5 Damn Minutesly Reads.”

    I particularly recommend Pandagon (, Matt Yglesias (, Liberal Oasis (, and Tapped, the weblog of The American Prospect ( Oh, and The Gadflyer is really good, too (

  2. rykyard chimed in:

    gerry-rigged? … jerry rigged or jury rigged

    must be an 02 freudian slip ^-^

  3. Monica chimed in:

    I’m sure that was very technologically advanced and…important. And what not. But I have two words for you: NERD ALERT.

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