Luke Melia


March 12, 2004

Yes We Are

“We are all Madrileņos now.”

6 Responses to “Yes We Are”

  1. Luke chimed in:

    More: 50 voices for Madrid

  2. Jessica chimed in:

    Does the fault all lie with the Algerian terrorist groups and the IRA like the editorial suggests but perhaps with the breakdown of diplomatic relations which is usually not the fault of one party but of two? Nations that currently or at one time had an immense amount of power over another group that did/does not feel represented has a deep responsibility in maintaining the peace. It is irresponsible to lump any terrorist act together with another regardless of the motivations. Historically, all independence movements could be viewed as terrorist acts. Los Madrilenos have all of my sympathy in their time of pain. It is a beautiful country and such a horrible, yes coward, act. However, no good is going to come out of simplifying the nature of terrorism and terrorists. Terrorism does not operate in a vacuum. It is not us versus them as this editorial suggests but far more complex. And solutions, justice and peace will have to be just as complex.

  3. Luke chimed in:

    I agree that the long-term solutions are complex, but in the short term, it is indeed “us” versus “them.” “Us” is you and me and our sisters and brother and the innocent people of the world’s cities. “Them” is the members of Al Qaeda would be happy to take our lives in an attack against a New York or a Madrid.

  4. anthony chimed in:

    i agree, luke.

    even if we may be able to find that we have some kind of empathy for the cause in which the terrorists believe so strongly, their methods are despicable and only serve to further marginalize them, no matter how you slice it.

    no amount of injustice on one side excuses any injustice on the other.

  5. Esekla chimed in:

    What you read, it’s just a game,
    turned upside-down, it’s still the same.
    All you see, is not the truth,
    that was discarded, with your youth.
    Things you hear, will twist your soul,
    in ways you can never be sure you’ll know.
    What to be, is your only concern,
    your guide as you make mistakes and learn.
    for if you act, with force and patience,
    that’s how your build your own salvation.

  6. mikemelia chimed in:

    Hey guys -I’m in Austin Texas – saw Little Richard tonite – 3-18/19 and Blues Traveler and our old friend – Dani’s closest andlongest friend “Z”
    I’m totally w/Anthony — we gotta stop using violence as the solution or even part of it. I’m w/ML King and I believe in the human spirit – although at times my belief is sorely tested.
    I’m beginning to think that maybe my old solution of peace love and marijuana may yet be the salvation of humanity . . .

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