Luke Melia


March 9, 2004

Professor of Pickpocketry

This guy seems to live an interesting life.

I’ve never been pickpocketed, though I came close at Port Authority several years back. How about you? Any interesting pickpocketing stories?

3 Responses to “Professor of Pickpocketry”

  1. mac chimed in:

    We learned how not to be pickpocketed in self defense class [oh, those college years], but a 10 year old tried to pickpocket my husband at the Eiffel Tower last year. That was vaguely entertaining.

  2. mike melia chimed in:

    I learned from my nest door neighbor’s dad — when i was growing up on Long Island to kkep my big wad of cash in one pocket and a few bucks in the other (both front pockets) — an no cash in my wallet.
    If you got pickpocketed (b4 the days of credit cards) you lost no cash. if you got robbed – very carefully and slowly pull the bills ourt of the “few bucks ” pocket and gingerly (like Fred Astaire) give that cash to the thief/

  3. klepto chimed in:

    i am a pic poc and i do it for fun im really good i can take wallets cell phones and watches and
    jewlry i live in FL i always give things back he he oh yea im 13 years old to

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