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February 28, 2004

More Marriage

My buddy Don got married last night in a small ceremony here in Manhattan. It was a wonderful affair. Don and I have been friends since fourth grade. His wife(!) Kristie is great. I stifled a giggle during the ceremony when the officiant talked about connubial love. Jeanhee had to explain to me later the difference between connubial love and conjugal love. Hee. (Update: Turns out there is no difference between connubial and conugal! See the comments on this entry…)

On the same sex marriage front, I stumbled across an interesting discussion about Orson Scott Card’s views on the issue. I’ve been reading a lot of the Ender’s Game books recently. With his worldview thus revealed, it makes me wonder what parts of that worldview made it into the science fiction I’m reading and how it might effect me…

And regarding my own wedding, Jeanhee’s aunt did some nice calligraphy for us, and I’m going to do some work on the Wedding Website. It’s a veritable requirement these days, dontchya know…

UPDATE: Our wedding website is live.

2 Responses to “More Marriage”

  1. mike melia chimed in:

    Connubial – Conjugal. Enlighten us.

  2. Luke chimed in:

    OK, so now I looked it up. Turns out that both “connubial” and “conjugal” mean “related to marriage.” “Conjugal” has a bit more sexual meaning, thanks to the ever popular “conjugal visit.” Though there’s no underestimating “connubial bliss”…

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