Luke Melia


February 24, 2004

Infield Interest

This one’s for Dylan, Jeanhee, and the rest of you nutty Mets fans. There’s a fun human interest piece on the Met’s shortstop and second baseman in the Times today:

No one else seems to understand them. Matsui has orange hair, likes to sprint around the field barefoot and has an odd postpractice routine in which he jumps, runs and pretends to throw on the outfield grass. He is known for bowing at opposing managers when he enters the batter’s box, calling youngsters out of the stands to play catch before games, and pointing in the air after making an exceptional play.

Reyes comes across as equally unusual. He has curly black hair with blond tips that stand straight up. He usually eats by himself, in the clubhouse and in restaurants. And he prefers to sit on the floor rather than in a chair. While Matsui draws Japanese characters on his bat meaning thank you, Reyes has a patch of the Dominican flag stamped on his glove with the words La Melaza, meaning sweetness.

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