Luke Melia


February 24, 2004

Grey Tuesday

Do not adjust your monitor. My site looks all grey and screwy today because the way we apply intellectual property laws to our music is grey and screwy. Support Grey Tuesday.

5 Responses to “Grey Tuesday”

  1. dylan chimed in:

    doesnt look grey and screwy to me.

  2. Luke chimed in:

    How about now? :)

  3. isa chimed in:

    Isn’t that the English way to spell grey? :P The Spanish way is gris. Love ya!

  4. Marley chimed in:

    Hello. I am Marley, a friend of Monica. Being a faithful reader of her blog I stumbled across your site. Which, by the way, is not gray and funky on my computer. It was very nice, and I liked reading stuff and looking at pictures. Keep up the nice site and congratulations on getting married! I wish you well. –Marley.

  5. mike melia chimed in:

    Today there is no black or white – – – today there is no day or night – – – today there is no wrong or right – – – only shades of grey.

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