Luke Melia


January 29, 2004

Playing with fire

“The Bush administration is moving to replace safety requirements at federal nuclear facilities with standards written by contractors.” –NY Times

Hello? This is nuclear power we’re talking about. How can you expect industries in a capitalist economy to self-regulate in a way compatible with the public good? Gun manufacturers making gun-safety laws? Energy companies shaping energy policies (behind closed doors, no less)? And now Bush & co. want nuclear energy companies writing the safety plans for the government to enforce?

If Dubya gets reelected, I believe his second term will do far more damage than his first. Think of the 2000 election promise of bipartisanship and how that has been broken. Without the reelection possiblity looming, I’d expect he’ll have less compunction…

2 Responses to “Playing with fire”

  1. Monica chimed in:

    I had to reread that about three times in order to plow through the extensive vocabulary, but I think I get it. Big business has always had a say in the government. Seems we need a modern-day Teddy Roosevelt to wash America clean of these companies over-influencing Washington, of course in their favor.

  2. anthony chimed in:

    Oh yeah. I like this idea.

    The lack of foresight, or the lack of giving-a-shit-ness, that they display is really just stunning.

    How, oh how please tell me how, can we get everybody to see how much these policies directly endanger their lives.

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