Luke Melia


January 26, 2004

Boston & back

We woke up before dawn cracked Saturday morning and took a cab to Chinatown to catch a bus to Boston. The cab cost $7.00, the bus cost $10.50. Unbelievable.

We stayed with my uncle, Jamie in the South End and went with him to Boston’s Museum of Science. We checked out the exhibits and watched an Imax movie, Amazing Caves. I love the Imax!

Wayne joined us for a feast of a dinner at Jumbo Seafood restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown. They make these rolls that are made of soft tofu and shrimp wrapped in rice paper that are awesome. We had a nice long meal, slow-food style. We lounged so long partially because the company was lots of fun, and partly because no one was in a rush to get back out into the 10 degree weather.

I spent some time cleaning my uncle’s computer of spyware (while internalizing my gratefulness that I have a mac). We went to sleep late and didn’t wake up until it was time for a late brunch at Stephanie’s on Newbury. I built and maintain their website, so it was, of course, essential that I try their best brunch specialities. The frittered french toast was out of this world, and the smoked salmon potato pancake was delicious.

After all that feasting and the long bus ride back tonight, I walked home from Chinatown to Chelsea, listening to my iPod. It was great to see my uncle, and to hang out with Wayne. Spending time with friends and family over delicious food is one of the best winter activities I know.

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