Luke Melia


November 21, 2003

It’s Friday

Dragnet ’88 is the tune that’s playing. Sampled bits of the DragNet theme and dialogue remixed over a techno beat. “My name is Friday. I carry a badge.” “The story is true.” “You got a lot of repressed feelings, don’t you, Friday, d-d-don’t you Friday, don’t you Friday.”

Wired has a good interview with Bill Joy in their December issue. Hope is a Lousy Defense.

Ate at a lovely new-ish place in the East Village last night. Temple has a great vibe, delicious Korean food, a wonderful philosophy.

On my way home from dinner, I happened across the grand opening of a new Guitar Center on 14th St. What a wild scene! Tons of people playing tons of guitars, keyboards and drums…

I set up a wireless network at Jeanhee’s place the other night. It’s pretty cool. I had some trouble getting the Linksys Wireless G router working with her new Powerbook G4. I think it’s because the default SSID. “linksys” was already in use by someone else in the building (who had left their router in default configuration, right down to the password, as I inadvertently discovered…). After changing the SSID and cycling the power on the router twice, it worked like a charm. And it’s pretty cool!

In case you missed the sparse news coverage, politically-minded Brits came out 110,000 strong in the middle of the week to protest against W’s administration and Blair’s alliance with it. That 110,000 is Scotland Yard’s estimate (buried in this NYT article headlined “Bush and Blair Say Bombing Fortify Resolve”) and seems pretty huge for a Thursday in November in London.

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