Luke Melia


August 25, 2003

Dean Dialogue

While debugging some code at work this afternoon, I listened to the most refreshing politics I’ve heard in ages. Chris Lydon was in New Hampshire to see Howard Dean speak and not only did he blog it, but he recorded Dean’s speech, his Q&A session, and Lydon’s own interviews with various folks in the audience.

It’s a great use of the internet — way to go, Chris!

More importantly, it’s great to hear Dean. I’ve realized that he’s not my ideal candidate, but I think that he will make a pretty good president, far better than Bush, and better than most of the other candidates, too. If you have some time, have a listen yourself, and see what you think.

UPDATE: I’m going to see Dean (or “Ho Dee” as my Vermonter friend Molly calls him) speak in Bryant Park tonight, here in NYC. Details: The “Sleepless Summer Tour” is in Bryant Park tonight from 8:30pm to 11pm. Broadcast live on C-SPAN2 at 9:30 pm Eastern, and may be rebroadcast at 11 pm on C-SPAN.

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