Luke Melia


August 15, 2003

Blackout Stories

Want to read other blackout sagas? Here are the stories of some friends and non-friends…

Also, residents of Baghdad offer tips on dealing with power outages

To celebrate the lights coming back on, I played volleyball all day on the beach, where we need no electricty, save the rush of a great dig or a big hit.

2 Responses to “Blackout Stories”

  1. Luke chimed in:

    Here’s a great stuck-in-the-subway account by Amy Langfield. (via Gawker)

  2. Dad chimed in:

    Luke – I was with your brother Willie, and your sisters – Jessi and Dani – in the wilderness of Northern CAlifornia (at a town called Happy Camp) in a supermarket when we were informed of the Blackout. It was so funny cause we were camping and had no electricity — Dad

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