Luke Melia


August 14, 2003

Move Over Ira

Move over, Ira Glass. Round the bend at Travelin’ Van, Liz and Anthony have posted their first “Audio Thingie”. Listening to it was the most enjoyable 27 minutes of my work day so far.

Audio is an interesting beast. It’s fits better into multitasking than video does. I can code and laugh while listening to Liz interview Anthony. But it’s not skim-able the way web pages are. It’s difficult to quickly get enough info to decide whether to listen now, or later, or at all. There’s oh so much more personality in it than text, though. The pauses. The sarcasm. The laughter.

It’ll be interesting to see if audio becomes more widely used in blog-type sites.

2 Responses to “Move Over Ira”

  1. anthony chimed in:

    my favorite part was the sarcasm.

    thanks for the plug, liz says, for the record, she’ll move back to new york just for that.

    but it might have been sarcastic.


  2. anthony chimed in:

    apologies for the run-on, nonsensical nature of that comment. it’s the blackouts talkin’. (sympathetic blackout).

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