Luke Melia


August 7, 2003


I’ve become a Howard Dean supporter. I have some reservations about him still, but I’m more encouraged by what I’ve learned (environmentalist, anti-war for the same reasons I was, pro-choice, fiscally sane, grassroots-oriented) than I am discouraged (waffles on gay marriage, minimal foreign policy experience). I’ve donated some money to his campaign and am looking forward to seeing America get to know him.

On the other side, while I’ve never particularly liked the current administration, my dislike has grown. What’s got to me? Selling out the EPA to the energy industry, making the Treasury department cow-tow to the gods of tax cuts, and lying to us all about war, death and destruction.

2 Responses to “Politics”

  1. d. Storchan chimed in:

    Thanks for helping me keep abreast of what’s going on out there. Things aren’t so pretty, are they?

  2. rich chimed in:

    howard dean, thats my man! i’m a howard dean man, thats what i am.

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