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July 28, 2003

7/28/03, 11:10 am – Reading While Bearded

A bearded Atlanta area man was visited by the FBI after being spotted in the suspicious locale of a coffee shop reading a [gasp] editorial column critical of Fox News. The FBI was tipped off by a concerned local. Read the article here (better do it in private, since words are becoming contraband…).

The College Republicans were treated to some interesting words themselves at their recent Washington convention. Speaker Paul Erickson told the audience:

As conservatives, we don’t hate America. The life of a liberal is hell. It is not possible to have a debate, a discussion, with someone who at their root, at their core, hates everything this country stands for but doesn’t hate it enough to leave.

Some scary stuff, eh? I feel more compelled than ever to be politically active and try to help America stay true to it’s highest ideals and reject the fear-based agenda of the College Republicans and coffee shop editorial tipsters.

2 Responses to “7/28/03, 11:10 am – Reading While Bearded”

  1. Luke chimed in:

    Even people on Bush’s side are getting visits from the spooks. Like this LA Times cartoonist.

  2. anthony chimed in:


    Meet you in Canada.

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