Luke Melia


April 29, 2003

4/29/03, 2:56pm – Of Interest

Salon has an interesting article on the Dixie Chicks and their handling of their political controversy.

Paul Krugman’s NY Times column looks at how the war on Iraq was justified to the American people.

This morning, NPR had a bit about Mike Hawash. Hawash is the Intel employee who was detained without charge recently. NPR said that the feds suspect him of wanting to join the Taliban. Question the guy… charge him publicly if he did something illegal… but enough of the mysterious detentions. It’s unbecoming of American law enforcement.

I bought my first album off Apple’s new music service. Paul Simon’s Graceland. The service is pretty slick. I think I’ll continue to subscribe to Emusic, but I’m sure I’ll buy albums from Apple more than anywhere else. I like being able to buy my music without the plastic, the shipping or the trip to the store.

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