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March 26, 2003

3/26/03, 11:40pm – Computers in Schools

I attended a training session with a volunteer group today. I’m going to be tutoring in an elementary school in my neighborhood soon. During the training session, another soon-to-be volunteer asked about computers. The coordinator answered that most schools have a computer room, but don’t have computers in the classrooms.

I wonder why that is. My computer (and net connection) is certainly my single most valuable learning tool, by a long shot. In an environment where schools are cutting days from their calendar out of fiscal strife, I imagine it’s not financially viable to outfit students with computers.

I sat there today, wondering how many computers could be bought instead of one $500K cruise missile.

2 Responses to “3/26/03, 11:40pm – Computers in Schools”

  1. Mike chimed in:

    Six Degrees of Separation brought me from yor Blog to 5/23/02 of your Blog to Cherry Lane to to TOAST an artists site for Tribeca artists to Claire Fergussen our old neighbor at 111 Hudson Street. Hmmm. Just wanted to see what would happen.

  2. Mike chimed in:

    Luke you haven’t written in too many days and i have no place else to record the ideas that are going thru my head – – – I just viewed some photos on NY Times site of the wounded and grieving and I am humbled to be brought back to my days during the Viet Nam War – – – – I know once again that there is no “just war” waged.
    A picture is worth a thousand words.

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