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March 19, 2003

3/19/03, 1:44 am – The World War Web

Joe Maller writes:

“Following current world events is very frustrating. I’m grateful that so much of my life up to now was lived in relative peace. It’s going to be a very long time before that can be said again.”

I hadn’t thought of it that way. That’s pretty depressing.

Anita Roddick has a war Q&A: Do you know enough to justify going to war with Iraq?

Scott Rosenberg wrote an essay on the road to this war for Salon (where I just became a subscriber, BTW). Dave Winer is running with a nice introduction. Worth a read.

The graphics on the Homeland Security Dept.’s are pretty amusing. With the captions added here, they’re good for out-loud laughs.

2 Responses to “3/19/03, 1:44 am – The World War Web”

  1. rich chimed in:

    kinda interesting

  2. Your Dad chimed in:

    Homeland Security??? Duh! I’m not worried personally and don’t plan to curtail my erlatively massive travel schedule. I wouldn’t mind if I had my own jet though. But this is about Homeland Security …
    I was driving my daughter Jess (aged 22) and her friend Margaret (same age) to the San Diego airport … the end of Spring Break … and we were randomly picked by two twenty-something year old guys for a Random Search.
    The guys flirted with the girls and were so flustered one guy asked “So is somebody going on a trip?”
    I felt so safe and protected.

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