Luke Melia


March 19, 2003

3/19/03, 1:36 am – A Man, A Plan, A Root Canal

Went to the dentist yesterday. And then went back today. I had a root canal.

It was my first visit since last May, but that time I only got through having six x-rays taken. And before that, it was years. I’m not sure how many. Three, perhaps?

Five years without a dentist visit is not a good idea. Not even if you are afraid of the dentist. And especially not if you have a sweet tooth and work in a building with a cookie shop, a brownie shop, an ice cream store, and two bakeries.

The visit was tough, but I got through it. My mom was there to help distract me and reassure me. I got a sticker that says, “I did great!”

How old am I? It feels silly…. It is silly. But it’s worth doing what it takes to take care of my teeth (and make them stop hurting!). Plus, it’s always nice to hang out with my mom.

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