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February 21, 2003

2/21/03, 1:15 am – The Web and the City

On Wednesday, the BBC ran a piece on the US’s plans to design and build new nuclear weapons, based on a leaked document. That story hasn’t been picked up in any of the American news outlets I follow. What’s up with that?

I went to see an exhibit of new works by Robert Indiana (you know, the LOVE sculpture guy) at the Paul Kasmin Gallery today. Fun, poppy, done in 10 minutes.

Lots of hits coming in to this site related to the Colorado Springs tear gas incident. It didn’t seem to get much national news coverage. How often do police use tear gas in the U.S.? Do people shrug it off as a harmless deterrent? The American Medical Association doesn’t.

Related to my last post… the SpamAssassin developers (aka my saviors) have released SpamAssassin 2.50. It’s got Bayesian filtering and auto-learning. Brilliant!

On a humorous note… I always wondered what Dick Cheney was doing at his undisclosed, secure location. Turns out he’s posting to his blog.

More lightness… Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo had a funny post during the blizzard last weekend.

We lost our volleyball match tonight, 0-3. Twas ugly. That will drop us to third place. The team is practicing together this weekend.

“Fall seven times, stand up eight.” – Japanese proverb

One Response to “2/21/03, 1:15 am – The Web and the City”

  1. qoozy chimed in:

    Hello, nice to meet you.
    I came here when I was looking for Robert Indiana’s info.
    You make me happy to write Japanese proverb,
    so I find myself commenting :) I wondered how did you know that.

    (seven times-Nana) (Fall-Korobi) (eight-ya) (stand up-Oki)
    Here’s famous proverb in Japan.

    Now, you seem to be a nice volleyball player, don’t you ?! ;-)
    I ain’t do volleyball well, I have esteem for you.

    It’s so nice to meet, thank you.
    see you !!

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