Luke Melia


February 12, 2003

2/12/03, 12:24 am – Hello from Denver

Having a blast snowboarding here. Rode Keystone yesterday, A Basin today. Great veggie dinner in Boulder tonight at Sunflower. More boarding on deck for tomorrow: Copper. Some more boarding after that, a little Valentine’s Day romance, some antiwar protesting Saturday, and I’ll be back before you know it.

For the amusing story of my Denver lacrosse outing, see my post on Travelin’ Van. Go Mammoths!!!

2 Responses to “2/12/03, 12:24 am – Hello from Denver”

  1. liz chimed in:

    Luke, I can’t believe how much those little Melia’s in the top look like you! So cute. Have a great time boarding — wish we were there. Wish our van were on the road. Wish there weren’t a need for all these war protests. Wish lots of things…

  2. mike melia chimed in:

    Hey Partner,
    Nice pictures — I remember when you were so cute . .. anyway, read about the Colorado Springs demonstrations in the Colorado Springs Gazette online and happy to not find your name among the arrested.
    Yesterday had to be the single most successful dau of anti-war protesting in history. Congrats to those who weathered the bad weather.

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