Luke Melia


February 8, 2003

2/8/03 – 12:46 am – Around the Web

The most fun web project to launch in a while is Anthony and Liz’s Travelin’ Van. Be sure to dig into the stats and gimmicks. I’m going to enjoy following this. Direct from Anthony.

What magazines are Americans reading? Ad Age has the Top 200. Hat tip Jen Leo.

The New Scientist article on hiccups made for a fascinating bus ride discussion yesterday. Via Slashdot. Note: I can no longer think about hiccups with out hiccuping. [hic]

Backpack Nation’s goal is to send backpackers out with $10K to find someone in a developing country in need of another $10K. Dad called with the URL and encouragement to apply and quit my job.

I cringed in recognition several times as I read the W3C’s Common HTTP Implementation Problems. Hat tip: Wes Felter.

Semi-famous people whose blogs I’ve just discovered: William GibsonDave BarryJeremy Allaire

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