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January 24, 2003

1/24/03, 12:03 am – Semblance of Senatorial Sensibleness

It seems like maybe my comments (and those of thousands of others, of course) make a difference.

The Senate inserted an amendment into a major spending bill putting the kibosh on the Total Information Awareness project headed by John Poindexter. Thank goodness. That thing is an abomination. Declan McCullagh has the story on CNET.

3 Responses to “1/24/03, 12:03 am – Semblance of Senatorial Sensibleness”

  1. Luke chimed in:

    Here’s the NY Times piece on the same story. This describes the amendment much more as restricting the program than killing it. The unanimous support of the amendment is notable, too.

  2. Mike Melia chimed in:

    Spent some time yesterday surfing/googling the web and reading about Bloody Sunday (January 30, 1972) in Derry, Ireland and the Inquiry into it (the Saville Inquiry – 1998 – 2001) which inspired me to check back in on Kent State — which is all related to your blogentary re: the government’s trampling of the rights of the people – in those cases killing unarmed civilians. No real justice ever came about in either situation as far as I can see.
    Also, I’m further along in the bio of “Saddam Hussein, The Politics of Revenge” by Said K. Aburish — It seems Saddam was a great student of Josef Stalin.

  3. isa chimed in:

    hey lukie, just letting you know i’ve been reading your blog … mrs. mcnally says hi! love you

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