Luke Melia


January 11, 2003

1/11/03 – 3:40 am – Girl Fight

It’s almost 4 in the morning on Friday night, and I can hear a girl fight on the corner. Earlier tonight, on the same corner, a taxi cab collided with a black Jetta. Firetrucks and a police car made the scene, but no ambulance was necessary, thankfully.

I’m doing a few things on my dad’s website, and listening to Enya as the sounds of young women fighting drift through my windows.

OK, the girls are done fighting. I guess it’s time to turn in.

One Response to “1/11/03 – 3:40 am – Girl Fight”

  1. mONiCa chimed in:

    I forgot to tell you… of those girls was me…….JK! Anyways, I don’t know how you can sleep with all that commotion! Wishing you sweet dreams……..xxxooo

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