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December 17, 2002

12/17/02, 10:19 am – The End of the Era

We lost our finals match, and thereby ended an era of impressive growth and teamwork. It began with me recruiting a bunch of friends with very basic volleyball skills and growing together into a team capable of puting up a considerable fight last night, depite losing 16-14, 15-13. Team picture here.

In other news, a freelance project of mine just went live. My Uncle Jamie manages a ver successful restaurant in Boston’s posh Back Bay neighborhood. He hired me to put the restaurant on the internet, and I think we did a pretty good job. Check out it out at Hat tip to Anthony for chipping in on the HTML.

Our website at work just relaunched on .NET, too. Season of change, it seems.

Couple of more…

I share Dave Winer’s thoughts about blogging’s role in the political process. Very inspiring. In the Trent Lott situation, though, the momentum has been allowed to continue from the administration hanging Lott out to dry.

Lastly I saw Adpatation the other night. It was great. Highly recommended!

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  1. isa chimed in:

    hey lukie my dukie … just read ur latest entry and clicked on the link for stephanie’s … nice job! its so professional looking and easy to use. :) isa

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