Luke Melia


December 13, 2002

12/13/02, 1:05pm – To the Finals We Go

We managed to defeat “One Toe Over The Line” in our semifinal match. It was a particularly sweet victory because they were the team that knocked us out of the semi-finals.

Both teams played excellent, scrappy defense and we had some fantastic rallies. It was an exhausting and exhilirating match.

Apparently, our team has a high sense of drama, because we keep our matches very close. We won the first and thrid games last night, and let our opponents come back within 3 points of victory before we won the game. If we were televised, the networks would love us.

Monday night is the finals match. Here in New York, there’s a threatened strike that would shut down the subway and buses as of Sunday night at midnight. This will make getting to the match a challenge.

But I guess it will suit are sense of drama just fine!

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