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December 10, 2002

12/10/02, 3:02 pm – Diversity Volleyball

Lots of volleyball lately. With my indoor team, we ended our season in second place and we have our first playoff game tonight. I’m psyched. This will be our last season all together. The team started as a company team, and most of the team has been laid off.

This past weekend, I fielded a team in a tournament in the local gay volleyball organization. We play with them fairly regularly and integrate the place a bit by bringing in a few women and heterosexuals. Lots of fun, although we usually get our butts kicked.

The previous weekend, Jeanhee and I took the subway to Queens. There, at the curb on Queens Boulevard, we met our fellow teammates. My friend, Celinda, who is half-Thai, half-Puerto Rican (she calls it Thairican!), her boyfriend from Poland, and his friends from Portugal, Ghana & Jamaica. We went undefeated.

Pretty diverse…. A lot of that is just part of living and playing in New York City, but volleyball itself attracts a wide variety of people.

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  1. victor somnuk chimed in:

    Your friend Celinda has the same background as myself, I’m thairican also, that’s cool.

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