Luke Melia


November 28, 2002

11/28/02, 10:25 pm – Giving thanks

Happy thanksgiving, America! I love that as dysfunctional as our society can be, we have enough sense of humor and cheer to all take a day off and gorge ourselves with delicious food.

I appreciate being alive.

I appreciate my health, and that I’m recovered from the foot injury that had me on crtuches this time last year.

I appreciate having a fun job in an economy where that feels like a luxury.

I appreciate my friends, who are busy planning everything from road trips to weddings to backpacking adventures to volleyball victories to interior decorating and more.

I appreciate my family, which is extraordinarily loving, affectionate and easygoing.

I appreciate my girlfriend, with whom I fall in love each day.

I appreciate coming home to a stock I own doing this, though I suspect it’s too good to be true. I’ll find out tomorrow.

I appreciate music, the listening and the playing and the beauty and joy it brings.

I appreciate volleyball, for being a game within which I can challenge myself and let the addictive parts of personality flow relatively harmlessly.

I appreciate the developers who created the free and inexpensive software which I use every day to be creative.

I appreciate the year since last Thanksgiving, for bringing more perspective and more joy to my life than I could have guessed.

If you’re reading this, take a second to add a comment and tell me one thing you appreciate. Happy Thanksgiving!

5 Responses to “11/28/02, 10:25 pm – Giving thanks”

  1. jill st john chimed in:

    I appreciate all those things you said too (substitute my girlfriend for your’n, and possibly excepting the stock thing (can i borrow $10?), and add the Roo.

  2. monica chimed in:

    what a great list of things that bring joy and that we hardly ever give thanks for. i would like to add that i am grateful for the infinity of information available on the Internet. it is a way to connect to others, get info, and have fun!

  3. Mike Melia chimed in:

    As usual I appreciate you.

    And I appreciate the tough stuff – including the challenges of the business world, the effing terrorists, the viscissitudes (sp) of relationship, etc.
    I appreciate the easy stuff – stuff that just comes your way – from Good Friends – the rare few that you can Trust
    I appreciate good Herbal Medicine (wink, wink) and good wine, fermented hops and barley, and an occasional shot of Tres Generaciones.
    I appreciate the rest of my kids (your family) and especially feel blessed to have them in my life .. . . …

  4. isabella chimed in:

    Luke, i love you so much. I am grateful for your wonderful website. It’s so nice to know what’s going on in your life. I’m also grateful for family, especially around the holidays …

  5. d chimed in:

    i know this one is coming in late, but i appreciate the fact that luke is out there living life the way he does. keep smiling, luke because eventually it ends up rubbing off on the rest of us.

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