Luke Melia


October 2, 2002

10/2/02, 1:59 am – Don’t Do That

A few recommendations, if you’re in the mood for advice…

Don’t sell a kidney to make a buck. It’s not worth it, a new study finds.

Don’t think that you can play volleyball in the sun all weekend without using sunscreen and experience no physical consequences.

Don’t assume that what they say about big feet, big… is true. Scientists have pursued this vital avenue of research, and found no correlation.

Don’t put off packing for a trip until two in the morning the night before you leave.

Don’t assume that the economy is in competent hands.

One Response to “10/2/02, 1:59 am – Don’t Do That”

  1. Luke chimed in:

    Not your own comment, but I’m using yr computer

    As long as u r dispensing med. advice —- “Don’t Sell a Kidney”

    Here it is :::: Take care of yr teeth – it may not seem to matter now, but it does.

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