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September 23, 2002

9/23/02, 12:44 am – Jack Straw

After midnight and dad’s back in town. He’s playing the dark red Ovation. “Jack Straw,” by the Grateful Dead. I’m singing along as I unpack from the weekend. It’s been a while since I posted, so let me catch us up-to-date…

I played in a volleyball tournament last weekend. Men’s Division A with Aaron down in Jersey. We came in second place. It was Aaron’s fourth second place of the season. He wasn’t too thrilled about it. I used my winning to get a nifty hooded sweatshirt, though, so it didn’t bother me much. It was a gorgeous day and the water was still warm enough to be refreshing after a tough match.

The following evening, I celebrated my birthday on Long Island. My aunt and uncle were in from California. Jeanhee came out with me, and Dave and Nana were over, too. It was a full house for tofu lasanga (my birthday request) and varied and sundry other delicious vegetarian fare. My present from Mom, an indoor volleyball (Tachikara SW5-Gold) hadn’t yet arrived.

At work, the days moved by fairly quickly. I’m learning ASP.NET stuff, and allowing myself to enjoy the process. It’s always a interesting blend of frustrating and thrilling to learn a new technology framework. I’m glad to have at least a few other people learning alongside me.

I’ve met a great crowd of sand volleyball players at my gym. I’m now part of their regular Tuesday and Thursday night pick-up games. I feel like I’m often the worst guy playing. That can be tough on the ego, but it’s great for improving my game.

This weekend, Jeanhee and I went upstate to spend the weekend at the country home of a college friend of hers. I was a bit concerned going into the weekend that I’d have nothing to do there. Which was true and, of course, wonderful. We went on a hike, ate a lot, I played guitar, drank wine, laughed, and listened to the rain fall on the metal roof and raise a mist over the rolling fields.

Tonight, dad and I caught up a bit, talked politics, relationships, music and more. He and my brother are planning to move to San Diego this fall. Now the guitar playing is over and it’s quiet. We’re contemplating an early morning skate.

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