Luke Melia


September 11, 2002

A Year Later

A year ago today.

My office stayed closed this morning until noon. I didn’t want to watch the memorial service, and turned off NPR, which was broadcasting a radio play-by-play. Reflection, yes. Pomp and circumstance, I couldn’t deal with. Talk of war, even less.

Jeanhee and I skated to the greenmarket at Union Square. While we put on our skates, we listened to U2 sing about New York on All That You Can’t Leave Behind.

The greenmarket turned out to be a great place to be for me. It’s always been one of my favorite things in New York — a great example of community and common space.

I feel like marking a year from last September 11th to this one is makes much more sense than thinking of New Year’s Day to New Year’s Day, or even from birthday to birthday. I still remember so clearly how I felt and what I saw and heard that day. It sits in remarkable contrast to today. I’ve learned to celebrate and appreciate life much more than before.

If you want a visual look back, see Choire’s pictures, and Anthony’s from the same week (album 1, album 2).

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