Luke Melia


September 9, 2002

Serve and Volley

I watched Serena beat her older sister Saturday and Sampras beat Agassi today. Both winners were pretty dominant. The loser showed evidence of the skill it took to make it to the finals but, still, it was striking how large the difference was between Sampras’ game today and Agassi’s.

I’d like to take up tennis sometime. I think it would be a great sport to take seriously and improve steadily. I’m not really willing to devote much energy away from volleyball right now, but perhaps someday…

In professional tennis, I like how the coaches aren’t allowed to interact with the players during the matches. It’s just each player and their own psyche out there on the court.

Jeanhee and I played in a volleyball tournament on this extraordinarily beautiful day. We won a couple of games, but not enough to make it out of pool play. Still, it was fun, and it gave us a clear idea of the skills we want to work on most. And, the ocean felt great.

I’d like to say something exciting about work and how I’m looking forward to some interesting project… but there’s none of that to tell at the moment. At the moment, work is a necessary evil between dining, dates, blogging and volleyball. One tech thing of note is that I’m now running Mac OS X 10.2, Jaguar. It’s an improvement and I enjoy OS X overall. I just really wish it was as fast as OS 9.

Tomorrow night, first round of the playoffs for the no-longer-corporate volleyball team. My first time to the playoffs with an indoor team!

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