Luke Melia


August 27, 2002

Laid, not off

Anthony‘s dad commented on his blog the other night, “getting laid is good, but laid-off, I’m not sure!”

I’m inclined to agree. This morning, while I slept in, trying to beat a cold, my employer the consummated the rumors circulating for the past few weeks and announced rolling layoffs of around two-thirds of the division I work for. Most content initiatives went bust last year, but we were a little slow on the uptake I guess.

I’m being transferred to a new group that will be working on a broader range of projects than just web stuff. Television I.T.-type stuff, systems integration and automation. On the bright side, it’s an opportunity to learn a bunch of new stuff, and my paycheck will continue to be direct-deposited. Less delightful is the shift to a Microsoft-based in environent. Even less delightful is going to be watching my friends move and on and maybe even move away from New York.

Ah well… extra-motivation for the Oxygen team to kick some butt in volleyball on Thursday night!

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