Luke Melia


August 23, 2002

Match Results

The arch-rivals were beaten in 2 out of 3 games tonight. That should be enough to put us in solid shape for the playoffs. We played well, a far cry from the early days of the team, when we struggled to score a point.

Team cheers included “win!”, “underdog!”, “sideout!”, “noonan!”, “praise dog!”, and “wonder twins activate!”. The other team definitely caught some vibe.

Afterwards, we had dinner and got drunk. When the owner of the restaurant is personally thanking you for coming by, you know your bar bill was on the large side…

One Team, Under Dog!

3 Responses to “Match Results”

  1. top dog chimed in:

    praise dog!

  2. liz chimed in:

    hey, you forgot the best cheer of the night, “one, two, three…four”. brilliant.

  3. rich chimed in:

    I wish i could have seen the games. Congratz, now get busy practicing for the playoffs! slackers, i dont care if you are hung-over… hut! hut!

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