Luke Melia


August 22, 2002


Saw Blue Crush last night. It was sufficiently bad, made enjoyable by nice surfing shots and near-full row of friends laughing out loud at the worst of the dialogue. My sister tried twice to convince me not to see it. She had my best interests at heart, but I’m glad I went anyway. It made me think of my little sisters, who growing up surfing on Long Island’s beaches.

Jeanhee and I did a partner yoga class the other night at the gym. The class was on an outdoor deck, and the instructor used a student to demonstrate who was is a dancer. The poses they did, similar to these, looked simply beautiful with the sun setting behind them over the Hudson River. I’m sure our poses looked not nearly as stellar, but it was fun anyway and a good workout.

Cheers to Choire, the East Coast of the enjoyable East/West blog, for making this site his Link of the Day. Reminds me what a small world it is when you’re connected to someone via the guy that sits next to you at work, your ex-co-worker’s husband-to-be, and your girlfriend, all in separate connections.

Tonight, our indoor volleyball team, One Team Under Dog, takes on our arch-rivals, Passive Aggressive with nothing less than a playoff berth at stake. Only one thing to say to our opponents… “Prepare to catch some vibe.”

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