Luke Melia


August 2, 2002

8/2/02, 1:28 am

Dad’s here. Actually, he just went to park the car. It’s a mildly oppressive muggy night here in Manhattan, and we’ve been sitting talking and surfing the web in front of a fan. He asked if I’d gotten twenty bucks of value out of it, which is the amount he paid. If I had to put a figure on it, I’d say I’ve gotten at least $250 worth of comfort from it. A good buy.

Volleyball matches twice this week. Tuesday we won two and dropped one, and tonight we did the opposite, dominating in our first game and falling apart at the wrong moments in the last two. I missed hits on perfectly decent sets in clutch situations on both nights. Our record stands at a game above .500. Anthony was sick both nights, so I did the captaining. It made me realize what a great captain Anthony’s become. After tonight’s frustrating match, we went out for food, drinks and a bitch session about work topics. It made us all feel a bit better.

Dani arrived back in NYC today from Spain. I can’t wait to see her and hear stories!

Last night, I saw the Fab Faux at Bowery Ballroom. The show was fabulous as always. Highlights included “Penny Lane,” “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds,” and “Oh Darling.”

I don’t really talk about dating here, but I’ll make an exception to say this… when you’re excited about a new relationship, the support of your friends is nearly obligatory. It’s still great and important, of course, but any friend worth their salt had better have a slap on the back for you. However, the support of ex-girlfriends in that situation is beyond the call of duty. It’s really sweet and touching and impactful to have that from my ex’s.

In related news, Jeanhee and I are playing Co-ed division A this weekend. I suspect we may get our butts kicked a bit, having moved up from B to A. Nevertheless, I’m still excited to see how we can do.

If all goes to plan, that’ll make 5 times playing volleyball this week, and 83% on the iPod quest. Whoa, “Africa” by Toto just came on. Time to flash back and have some watercress with my dad.

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