Luke Melia


July 15, 2002

7/15/02, 12:30 am

I’m exhausted so this has got to be quick.

Spent the weekend on the beach. Today, Matt & Celinda, and Jeanhee & I played co-ed doubles volleyball in a tournament on the Jersey Shore. Jeanhee and I played really well together, mixing up our offense and serves enough to win all of our pool games but one game where we were down 8-1 and came back to lose 10-12. We made quick work of our fatigued semifinal opponents and went on to win the finals of the B division. Nothing like first place!

Our prize was advancement to a BB ranking, a whole lot of satisfaction and fifty dollars each in merchandise from the JSVBA stand. I got myself a shirt like Anthony’s and a pair of shorts.

Another prize was a deeper understanding of why I love playing this sport. There’s not a whole lot of opportunity in life to throw everything you have into something. Mind, body, creativity, soul, courage, determination, compassion, sensitivity, intuition. Love is one of those things. I think that beach volleyball’s another.

Here are some pics from the day (some are of iffy quality…).

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