Luke Melia


July 9, 2002

7/9/02, 11:24 pm

The bachelor lifestyle, summer 2002 nyc… last one at work with music playing out loud in an empty open office plan. Walk past Ed Koch in the market on the way home.

Make dinner with the lights off cause it’s cooler in my apartment that way. Leftover bowties with pesto. Tofu teriyaki. Kale with honey mustard dressing. A peach Spritzer.

Both windows open. Two fans blowing. Move the laundry on the floor, in hopes I’ll be compelled to do it before work tomorrow morning.

Shirt off. Electric guitar on. Wish my strap wasn’t leather sticking to my skin. Drum machine on. A beat. More distortion. Marvel at the simple beauty, the simple groove, of two complementary chords in rhythm.

Some cold chocolate rice milk straight out of the box.

Switch to acoustic. Plug it in. More reverb. Dig up the last verse to the song from the Bolivia/Peru trip. Contemplate recording it, but that would mean restarting the computer, which is too much of a hassle.

Contemplate a shower to cool off before sleep. Towel is in the laundry pile. Damn.

Receive an essay via email from a writer friend. Similes and flowery language expressing sentimental thoughts. Personal, the way I like words.

Decide to blog. Without flowers or pastel sentimentality. With sentences that ,y grade-school teachers would scrawl all over.

Words appropriate to a young man on a hot night in a large city.

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  1. rich chimed in:

    add an ice cold bottle of gin and you approach perfection.

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