Luke Melia


June 30, 2002

6/30/02, 12:02 am

Great day at the beach today. Anthony and I made a respectable showing in our first volleyball tournament together. We won three before running out of energy and losing our last three.

Meanwhile, Liz and Jeanhee managed to take first place in Women’s Division B with a dominant 15-2 win in the finals. And this despite the fact that they went winless in their pool play. It was confusing, but what will be remembered is this: first place!

April came out to the beach with us and all in all we had a grand time, taking dips in the cold but refreshing ocean between games, walking along the boardwalk, and watching some impressive play in the finals of the Men’s Open division.

On Friday night, I helped my friend Jess celebrate her new job and engagement, and then went to a birthday celebration for a friend who moved to Charlottesville not long ago. It was fun talking to her and thinking of life in that wonderful place.

At the party I met someone who traveled to Myanmar to the ruins at Bagan a few months ago. That destination had been on my list, but after talking to him, it has moved up a lot higher. I wonder when I can do that trip… maybe January…

Anyhow, it’s time for a shower to get some stubborn sand off and then dear, dear sleep. Tomorrow promises to be another wonderful day — it’s back to the beach to play coed doubles!

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