Luke Melia


June 28, 2002

6/28/02, 1:13 am

My Palm went on the fritz tonight. Didn’t realize how much I rely on the little bugger. I’m feeling pretty lost. I think (hope) it’s a problem with the cradle. Putting it on the cradle (which is supposed to recharge it and let you sync the data with the computer) seems to erase all the data and reset the Palm. I’ve got another cradle at work. We’ll see if that one does the same thing…

Sand volleyball indoors tonight at the gym with Liz, Ant & Jeanhee. Great fun, and good practice for this weekend’s tournaments.

Mother Summer was doing all sorts of crazy stuff with the weather tonight. Incredible winds earlier and then thunder, lightning and torrents of rain later. On my way to the healthfood store for lunch, yesterday’s afternoon shower drenched me to the point that I was looking for excuses to work standing up the whole day, because my pants and boxers felt like sitting on a sponge.

Caught up with Alec for a guitar lesson and dinner last night. It’s great how our programming lessons for guitar lessons barter has resulted in us becoming good friends. I’m quite excited about electric guitar at the moment. Not as obsessed as I am about volleyball, but excited.

Yeah, I think I ‘ll play some through my headphones before this muggy night puts me to sleep…

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