Luke Melia


June 26, 2002

6/26/02, 12:52 am

There’s a Swoosh on your sneakers
Sony headphones in your ear
How much did it cost you
To proclaim you’ve got No Fear?

The symbols we’re collecting
They just want to be famous
Just like you and me
And the companies trying to tame us.

Saturday morning cartoons at 4 years old.
Yeah, it started with TV
Remember that rabbit: Trix are for kids
and Ronald McDonald – yo that guy was sleazy.

The GI Joe show designed for one thing
Make you beg, jump, whine and sing.
Make you go nuts at the corner store
Come on, mom, can I get just one thing?

Back in those days they were just learning
Turning a kid into advertiser
McDonald’s and Disney breaking us in
handing us off to Merck and Phizer

Gimmee a blank t-shirt.
I want the logos out of my life.
Give me a home-brewed beer.
I want Bud out of my life.
Make me a birthday card
I want Hallmark to stay away.
Write to me, you’re a free man
Your own man, happy, happy birthday.

No, it’s not my birthday or anything. This was just for kicks. Partially inspired by the book I’m reading, “Fast Food Nation.” Maybe I’ll use some of it in a song sometime.

Worked a long day today. Sometimes it feels good to earn my paycheck, especially when it’s hot as heck in my apartment and nice and AC’d in my office…

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