Luke Melia


June 22, 2002

6/22/02, 4:48 pm

Mom’s fifty! I went out to Long Island for dinner with her and the family last night. Funny thing about restaurants outside of New York City– there’s so much space! Big tables with plenty of room between them. It’s odd when the normal becomes odd.

Anyway, I’m happy to report that my Mom has a wonderful attitude about her birthday. Turning fifty is an occasion for self-reflection, and it seems that my mom likes what she sees. She’s healthy, in love and happy with her business and hobbies and kids.

Went to a late showing of “The Minority Report” last night. I liked it. Good sci-fi flick. I’ll have to read the Philip K. Dick story that it came from.

Played sand volleyball with Jeanhee at the gym this morning. She had the brilliant idea the other day of sitting in the hot tub after our tournament, and we did the same today. I feel silly that I never did it before, because it’s wonderful. As you sit there, you look out over the Hudson and see Jersey and the Statue of Liberty as the bubbles massage your feet. An excellent complement to beach volleyball.

In musical news, I got an guitar amp. It’s a small 12-watt Marshall with some nice sounding distortion. As I took the elevator up with it in my hand, I said a quiet apology for my poor neighbors. I’ve played both my acoustic and my electric through it, and it is so much fun!

That’s the update for today. Back to doing tech support for my grandma.

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