Luke Melia


May 31, 2002

5/31/02, 2:06 am

I’m just about packed. Tomorrow I leave for South America. Here’s the message that went out to the travels list:

Dear friends,

I’m getting on a big ol’ jet airliner this Friday bound for Lima, Peru.
This time, it’s a family affair.

Packed into the plane with me will be my mom, our family friend Patty,
my guitar and various other travel knick-knacks. We’ll be making a
pitstop in Atlanta to pick up my brother Will, and then later catching a
plane from Lima to La Paz, Bolivia to meet up with our travel guide for
the trip, my sister Jessica. Jess has been studying in Bolivia this
spring semester, and we’ll be traveling with her through La Paz, Lake
Titicaca and La Isla Del Sol, into Peru to Cusco and Macchu Piccu and
then back to Lima.

I’m hoping it’s a good recipe for adventure and I plan on sending a
story or two from the road back to this list. If you want to
unsubscribe, or subscribe with a different address, you can follow the
instructions in the header of this message or at

And, for those of you wondering… Yes, the rubber ducky and the camera
are both coming on the trip.

Adios amigos,

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