Luke Melia


May 26, 2002

5/26/02, 11:02 pm

First place. I like the sound of that.

I played “grab bag fours” beach volleyball today on the south shore of Long Island in an East End Volleyball tournament. You get assigned randomly to a team. Today, with clouds keeping things a little chilly and rain making empty threats all day, there were five teams. Format was every team plays every other team twice in games to 11. The top three teams advance to the playoffs. 2 plays 3, and the winner plays 1.

And we won. We didn’t lose a game all day actually. Our setter, Martin, was great (and a little crazy — he went for a swim in the ice-cold ocean after the tournament!), and Aaron, a recent New York emigre from most recently from Austin is strong left-handed hitter. I had fun hitting power side and getting ample practice on my beach digs. After the last playoff game, someone told us we had won the first place prize of $120. It ended up not being true, but we did each get a nifty backpack.

The backpack (one of the trendy kinds with one strap… or maybe they’re not so trendy anymore… trendiness tends to escape me) sat proudly on my back tonight on my trip uptown to have dinner with Judy and Ed. Pretty neat!

Speaking of Ed, the play he’s in, “16 Wounded,” has been extended a week. It’s at the Cherry Lane Theater in the West Village through nest Saturday. If you’re in New York, enjoy good theater, and interested at all in the Palistinean-Israeli conflict, I’d highly recommend going to see it.

Yesterday, I spent the day at Point Pleasant Beach on the Jersey Shore. I’d intended on playing in a tournament there with Matt, but missed the train and got there too late to sign up.

Tomorrow, I change gears to mountain biking (get it? change gears…) on Long Island with my stepdad, Michael. By the time dinner rolls around, I’m going to be mighty hungry for some of mom’s cooking.

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