Luke Melia


May 20, 2002

5/20/02, 9:58 pm

Arrived home to a nice postcard from Bri in West Virginia, via PostcardX. Fun!

Three new CD purchases recently. Rusted Root’s Welcome To My Party, Moby’s 18, and an album of the Dead covering Dylan tunes. Super-different and all enjoyable.

There’s a fascinating look into corporate IT culture in general and Microsoft specifically in this transcript from a meeting that preceded the end of RealNames. My favorite quote is “…this was really a fundamental and forward looking decision about us going forward.” Just another reminder that Dilbert is mild compared to reality.

The front page of this site sports a new little box which shows a random link from my frequently surfed list. I rigged it up with‘s RSS feed, a shell script, and a PHP xml parser. Anthony asked me about it this morning, wondering if it was real-time like the iTunes listening box is. It’s not, but I seem to be sometimes unable to differentiate between curiosity and a challenge so… I did some experiments and wrote a parser for the IE history file, which is maintained in by the app as HTML in real-time. The parser is smart enough to identify sites visited in the last ten minutes. (Gotta love having perl ship with your desktop system!) From here it should be fairly straightforward to make it update the site. I need to think through the implications a bit first though…

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